About us

Rolling Fire grows out of a love of cooking and a vision of how fire brings people together.

That vision has led to several trips to Italy–to visit and talk with pizzaiolos, to meet with oven exporters, to taste the best pizza Italy has to offer, and to learn authentic traditional pizza technique in Naples, the birthplace of pizza–and to the adventure of designing and building a mobile wood-fired oven for farmer’s markets and catering.

You can find us and our custom-built Italian oven trailer on some — but not all! — Saturdays, at the University District farmer’s market in Seattle. When we’re there, we cook from 10 am to 2 pm and would love to talk with you or hear from you about food and fire! You can reach us by phone, by email, or at the market.

Mike Dash

(206) 659-7633


Photos, as noted: S. Coyle (slinnc@gmail.com) and David O. Wilbur. All others: M. Dash. A note about the trailer photo on the Catering page: we added the fire after we took the picture (rather than firing up the oven in the Arboretum!). The other photos, including all of the food photos, are completely unretouched: what you see is what you’ll get.
Salamander tile by Mette Hanson: (206) 545-1166
Crew: Marilyn, Leah, Lauren, Abby, Amy, Wendy and many others.